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Textbooks 101

Do you have all the same books as the other bookstore?

YES! We carry ALL the same titles, the only difference is that the vast majority of our inventory is USED (about 70 – 80%)!  To see how we work hard to keep our inventory at such a high used-to-new ratio, read more here!

How do you know what books are being used?

The textbook adoption information is shared with BOTH bookstores at West Chester University, either directly by faculty, or through communication between the University and our store.  Our textbook department is constantly checking and double checking this information with faculty and staff to ensure all changes and mistakes are filtered out before the start of the semester.

Who decides what textbooks are being used?

This decision is left up to the professor teaching the class.  In certain instances, such as general education classes required for all students, textbooks are chosen by a panel of professors teaching the classes.  There are times when a professor may ask our textbook department for help obtaining desk copies, or to find out about the availability of a certain title.  However, at the end of the day, we have very little control over the textbooks required for classes.

What are course packs?

Course packs are books designed by your professor to cover exactly what he or she plans to discuss in class.  In some cases, a course pack is a compilation of chapters from many different books and articles,  all pertaining to a subject chosen by your professor.  Other times, they contain the notes the professor uses during class to help students study.  Sometimes, they even contain sample test questions.  At Dynamic, they are scanned, printed, bound, and sold on-site, which helps to keep the prices of your course packs down.  The determining factor in the cost of a course pack is related to copyright permissions, which we obtain for the professors to protect them from copyright infringement liability.

Do I really need to purchase optional books?

Optional materials should be purchased on a case by case basis.  They are offered as additional support for classes that are may be intensive or involve difficult material.  As a general rule,  if you’re taking a class in a subject you know you have trouble in or if you find yourself struggling even after talking to your professor, it may be a good idea to purchase the optional materials.

What determines textbook prices?

The most obvious factor in textbook pricing is how much we pay for the book.  Since new books can only be obtained from publishers, their prices are relatively fixed.  There’s not always a lot of room to alter new book prices, which is one of the reasons Dynamic specializes in USED books.  We use all available resources to make sure that we get the best price so we can pass that savings on to you.

Why is the textbook return period so short?

We match the competition’s return policy as closely as possible in order to encourage fair prices, lower costs, and honest competition in the textbook market.  In addition, our publishers and wholesalers set deadlines for our ability to return textbooks that are not purchased.  We encourage students to be pro-active about textbook returns by checking each book they purchase against their syllabus right away, instead of waiting until after our return policy has expired.

Do I have to wait until finals week to sell my books?

No, we buy back books year round.  As long as we’re open you can just bring in your books, and a Dynamic Team Member will buy them back for cash.

Who decides what price I get back for my books?

Typically, the amount paid for your books depends on whether or not the book is being used again, how many we currently have in stock, and what the demand for the book is outside of West Chester University.  If a book is not being used again, its price is set by a number of used book wholesalers depending on its national demand.  The more recently the book was published, the higher the wholesale value will be.  If a book is being used again the following semester, we will typically pay up to 50% of the new price for a certain quantity of that title.  That amount depends on a number of factors, including how many sections require the book, estimated enrollment, enrollment history, and current enrollment.

If you have a question that we have left out, please don’t hesitate to ask.  You can call, fax or e-mail us and we’ll make sure the most knowledgeable person on that subject gets back to you as quickly as possible.

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